Benefits of Our Solution

The Elite Merchant eCommerce Framework is a fast, effective, reliable and scalable platform which allows you to address your present and future requirements of your business whatever the size.

Customers benefit from a vast array of well-thought out customer interaction functionality, site promotion and content management that allows their web sites to offer best-of-breed customer experiences and keep their sites ahead of the competition while keeping costs down.
The Elite Merchant eCommerce framework benefits:
  • Comprehensive functionality to provide rich shopping experiences to customers and  add value to the shopping process, resulting in increased conversion rates and retention.
  • Powerful marketing capabilities to profile and target customers with content and offers. Includes ability to dynamically personalise content and processes based on customer profile.
  • Powerful promotions capability to increase conversion rates and order values, while targeted offers help maintain margins.
  • Easy to use advanced content management to keep the site catalogue and non-catalogue content accurate, relevant and fresh.
  • Search engine friendly pages with dynamic and manual optimisation capability across entire catalogue.
  • Real-time site performance metrics and reporting for informed decision-making.
  • Our own structures allowing business processes and new functionality to be added in a way that is both cost-effective and business-effective.
  • Openness of structures to enable easier integration with other systems and partners, including mail-order systems, catalogue management systems, call-centers/ fulfillment houses, affiliates, payment providers, and suppliers.


"Inspirational! Paraspar have really added value to our on-line offer, by really getting inside our business objectives and prescribing the right treatment every time!

Our first full year with Paraspar saw web sales increase two-fold. No miracle cure. Just good navigation and easy to browse pages made shopping so-much easier.

It's easy to find a web site supplier but much harder to find a business partner - that's what you get when you choose Paraspar! Their solution (and they always have one) has increased average order values, improved customer delight and basically poked last year's figures in the eye and increased turnover dramatically! "
Managing Director, Haiths
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